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Labkraftianos terror in The Creature Below

Labkraftianos terror in The Creature Below

by horrormovies.gr02/07/2016

poster the creature belowA new independent horror film from m. Britain with influences from the great horror author H.P. Lovecraft and imaginary hopes to scare the crowds in late August where they will be screened at the famous London Frightfest Film Festival.

Called The Creature Below and revolves around a marine biologist who discovers a mysterious creature in the depths of the Atlantic and develops along a bizarre psychic bond that will lead to paranoia.

The Director is the rookie Sparke Stewart who has written the script along with the rookie also Paul Butler. Starring Anna Dawson, Michaela Longden, Johnny Vivash Daniel, Thrace, Zacharee Lee, David Shackleton and Libby Wattis.

If you want to have a brief picture of The Creature Below tick below the short-term official trailer and some photos that have been published. Hopefully to pass from our parts sometime.

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