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Loss of Life: available the trailer and posters

Loss of Life: available the trailer and posters

by horrormovies.gr17/10/2013

An independent American production under the title "Loss of Life" is to be released on DVD and VOD on 25 October. The film will use the highly popular technique nowadays "found footage" and revolves around a group of young people of North Hollywood who decide to film night ride for Halloween. Young people will receive a brutal attack and that they eventually get animated is a particularly bloody night … the worst of their lives!

The "Loss of Life" is staged from the David Michael Rossi and Matteo Damiata, two young filmmakers engaged in filmmaking through various posts (producers, scriptwriters, film editor) with frequent activation on short films. The second has edited and scenario.

As you can see they have already released the trailer and the poster of the film.


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