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"Let The Right One In" Is Tv Series

"Let The Right One In" Is Tv Series

by horrormovies.gr20/03/2015

As is evident even among less informed, in recent years the horror tv series booming and increasingly more important horror films take the road for their television realization.

Another important horror film – the modern era this time – it seems that they will find a way out to the tv. Referring to the Swedish horror masterpiece bampirikoy "Let The Right One In" (2008) by Tomas Alfredson which remind that there was originally a novel written by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist.

According to exclusive information from The Hollywood Reporter, the American channel A&E, after the successful showing of another horror series (Bates Motel) up to the period, planning the creation and promotion of new series based on the aforementioned Swedish film/book.

For this reason commissioned author of juvenile horror series Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis and screenwriter Brandon Boyce in (Apt Pupil) to prepare the video version of "Let The Right One In". Currently there is no information about the cast or the period of commencement of filming, so stay on hold …

Remember, for those who haven't seen "Let The Right One In", that this film focuses on a lonely boy who develops an intense relationship with a neighbor girl whom are vampires. Certainly it is interesting to see how it would come out this new horror series as the bar is already too high mounted.


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