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The Lazarus Effect: Trailer & Poster

The Lazarus Effect: Trailer & Poster

by horrormovies.gr09/01/2015

The title of the movie reminds us that in ' Lazarus syndrome ', a very rare case of rollback in the life of a patient who is believed dead by doctors. Of course, the events in the upcoming horror film "The Lazarus Effect" looks how is enriched with supernatural elements away from traditional medicine as you'll see in the video below.

The film revolves around research group medical students experimenting with the human brain and they manage to revive dead. When a girl from the Group dies by accident, her fellow students bring back to life. But the girl is not the one that was. Something diabolical has overwhelmed and becomes very dangerous for those around the …

In directing the new David Gelb and re-writes them Jeremy Dawson and Luke Slater. Starring Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Mark Duplass, Sarah Bolger and Evan Peters. The film will be released in the USA on 27 February 2015. This is another horror production from the long list of horror films of Blumhouse Productions.


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