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Get ready for a kitsch and comical RAID zombies

Get ready for a kitsch and comical RAID zombies

by horrormovies.gr17/12/2014

A chabalediariko film adventurehorror direction is expected to be released in February 2015 entitled "Invasion of the Undead". This is independent production financed by the public and directed by rookie Torey Haas who wrote the script.

The case has to do with a woman who hires two "terminators" so parafysikoys to cope with the impending invasion of monsters at her house. Starring Mark Ashworth, Mabry, Candace Marie Barker and Emma Green.

We have available for you the trailer and poster. The first makes it clear the frantic and deliberately amateurish picture of the film while the second line with the kitschy image of giving a special comic style. Enjoy them!

Invasion of the Undead Poster




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