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Kill or Be Killed: When the dread meets Western

Kill or Be Killed: When the dread meets Western

by horrormovies.gr24/11/2015

kill or be killedThe combination of horror and Wild West is not frequent and this makes him definitely welcome whenever it happens. So if you liked western horror movies like "Near Dark" (1987) and "Dead Birds" (2004), then this news is likely to interest you.

In 2015 it was in some u.s. Film Festival the "Kill or Be Killed" (original title: on Red, a Kill Yella Fella) inducing positive impressions on the audience for the sliders. This is an idiosyncratic blend of horror, Westerns and mystery that is expected to have wider circulation from next year.

The film takes us to the autumn of 1900 and focuses on Claude Bandit Barbee and his gang who roam in Texas in order to reach a warehouse with money after an ill-conceived robbery. Soon discover that not only are stalked by the forces of the law but also from a ruthless and unexpected threat.

The Director and the screenplay by Duane Graves and Justin Meeks.

michael berryman

Michael Berryman

Starring Justin Meeks, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Bridger Zadina, Lucas Deon, Greg Kelly, Larry Grant Harbin, Arianne Margot, Luce Rains, Timothy McKinney, Karrie Cox, Pepe Serna, Edwin Neal, Bill Johnson, Sonny Carl Davis and cult figure of terror that goes by the name Michael Berryman (the hills Blood 1 & 2).

Hopefully sometime to see our parts from this promising and independent horror film.


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