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The Kevin Bacon wants his return in the sequel Tremors

The Kevin Bacon wants his return in the sequel Tremors

by horrormovies.gr18/08/2015

Can just before released at the dawn of the 90s that awesome monster film called "Tremors", the protagonist, Kevin Bacon, ashamed for his participation therein, but over time the great actor has profoundly changed views on cult movie with the giant maggots. The nostalgia you see can bring them upside down.

In many interviews, including the recent release "Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to the Tremors ' Jonathan Melville, Bacon has stated his admiration for the ' Tremors ' that after its release in January 1990, he met other 3 sequel and a television series, a cycle of thirteen episodes in 2003.

In recent interviews the actor went even further, stating that I wished fervently to participate again in a future sequel of franchise epanadrastiriopoiwntas your favorite Valentine McKee's character from the first Tremors.

However, he does not give much chance to happen since, according to his words the Universal does not seem interested in returning to the franchise. The upcoming "Tremors 5: Bloodlines" due out October 2015 will come on the market without him.

However, nothing may be blocked irreversibly since we have seen classic characters cult horror films to participate in projects associated with the original historical films (e.g. the Bruce Campbell in the upcoming series Ash Vs Evil Dead).


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