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New horror film with "racial" connotations by Jordan Peele

New horror film with "racial" connotations by Jordan Peele

by horrormovies.gr23/09/2015

jordan peele

Other deaf and it. The American actor, producer and screenwriter, Jordan Peele, known mainly for his leading role in the television sitcom Key & Peele will directed and will write the screenplay for a new horror movie titled "Get Out". The film will be making Blumhouse Productions and Entertainment that are QC collaborate in order to carry out this project.

The film will revolve around a "colored" young man who visits the home of the "white" girl and follows a doom. Now what exactly happens we will learn in the future. What it revealed about the film that the Jordan Peele in online newspaper The Wrap:

People know me for my work in comedies, but now I will concentrate on my passion of writing and directing horror films. Like comedy, so the tremors can cause thinking and by extension the dialogue on real social issues in a very dynamic way. ' Get Out ' has a mission to explore the issue of race in America, something that hasn't been done in the genre of the era of ' Night of the Living Dead ' 47 years ago. Long ago. Jordan Peele

To see if apart from comedy, the talented Peele can achieve something good in the horror/thriller film.


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