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The Jamie Lee Curtis in upcoming horror series?

The Jamie Lee Curtis in upcoming horror series?

by horrormovies.gr25/09/2013

So say at least the first information around future project of the American actor. The most important for many ' Scream Queen ' of horror cinema may star in a new series of horror genre that would be viewed by the American television network ABC Family.

The project will skinothetithei by experienced on site director Steve Miner and horror of "Halloween: I20 20 Years Later" (1998) which had teamed up with Curtis. The Miner will also be executive producer while scenario I designed by Jeff Dixon.

The title of the project will be The Girls ' Final ' and the case will revolve around a group of girls who have survived horrific incidents in the past of their personal lives. The girls gathered from a mysterious and greater age woman-which Jamie Lee Curtis Topanga-to recount the traumatic experiences them.

If the project is implemented, it will be the first series starring Curtis after her participation in the American tv series "Anything But Love", which was based on the period 1989-1992 by the ABC network.

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