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To Jacqueline Ess of Clive Barker becomes film

To Jacqueline Ess of Clive Barker becomes film

by horrormovies.gr06/02/2014

After the "Rawhead Rex", "Candyman", "The Body Politic", "The Midnight Meat Train", "Dread" and various other writings, another great Clive Barker is going to gain cinematic personality. This is the story "Jacqueline Ess: Her Will And Testament ' from the second volume of the famous anthology of British, known as the" Books of Blood "(1984-1985).

"Jacqueline Ess: Her Will And Testament" tells the horrifying story of a beautiful woman who can transform the bodies of people with the power of the mind. The unique ability of Jacqueline gives men Supreme sexual pleasures but conceals risks, even for the same. It is a dynamic story of sex, tension and extreme situations.

The Raven Banner Entertainment would take over the production in collaboration with the Seraphim Films of Clive Barker. It has already begun writing the script while the production of the film is expected to begin in the autumn of this year. Anxiously await …

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