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First teaser trailer & information for new horror series "Damien"

First teaser trailer & information for new horror series "Damien"

by horrormovies.gr10/07/2015

In the pandemonium of horror series that grace profusely from the infinite matrix of American television would be a serious omission not to mention in "Damien". This is a turn based-as is evident from its title-the famous horror franchise "The Omen".

The main character will be the adult Damien Thorn now who talanizomenos from ghoulish events and from the dark past of the need to face the truth. You must follow the true fate of the Antichrist.

In the past we had made an allusion to a possible remake of the classic horror film "The Omen" of 1976 but what seems certain now on the horizon is the creation of the aforementioned series from executive producer of ' The Walking Dead ' Glen Mazzara.

We also know the names of the basic cast. The Damien will pose as the James Bradley, best known from the BBC's fantasy series, Merlin. Other participants are the Omid Abtahi Megalyn Echikunwoke,, Barbara Hershey, David Meunier and Juan CarlosVelis.

We also know that the first season will consist of 10 episodes of unknown duration and also know the titles of the first five episodes. They are in order: The Beast Rises, Second Death, The Deliverer, The Number of a Man and Seven Curses. All in the spirit of metaphysical-religious course horror!

Originally the "Damien" was to be shown at American Lifetime network, but in the spring that we passed was moved to A&E channel under the auspices of which lie and other high-profile thriller series like the Bates Motel.

The end has become available and the first teaser video of Damien that doesn't show much but intensify our expectations for the series. Take a look below. Later developments will follow.




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