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First information about the Christmas Krampus horror film

First information about the Christmas Krampus horror film

by horrormovies.gr04/03/2015

Can still find ourselves at the beginning of the year and until Christmas to have a long way to go, but that does not stop us to see some interesting information that arrive on a new horror movie that will be released at the end of the year. This is the "Krampus", a horror comedy that will direct the creator of cult horror anthology Trick r ' Treat ' "(2007) Michael Dougherty and expected to be released in early December of 2015.

The case has to do with a family who is attacked by an ancient demon during the Christmas season. The demon called Krampus and wont punishes naughty children and not only. Scenario has written himself a Dougherty along with Todd Casey and Zach Shields. In terms of the cast have been announced so far actors Allison Tolman, Emjay Anthony, Adam Scott, David Koechner, Stefania Owen and Toni Collette.

The "Krampus" is a production of Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures. Shooting will begin in the spring of this year and will take place in New Zealand.



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