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The Hitchcock ' relives ' in new series of Universal

The Hitchcock ' relives ' in new series of Universal

by horrormovies.gr02/10/2016

Half a century has passed since it was last seen on American television the legendary series who created the immortal Alfred Hitchcock under the name "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". This series for those who don't know it was played in the US (on CBS and NBC) in the period 1955-1965 and in the 7 circles of the projected 360 episodes (!) 25leptis duration told independent stories of mystery, thriller and drama.

Recently we learned that Universal is moving to create a new series inspired by the clumps style chitskokiko style but with each season to focus on a central mystery and crime story. The purpose of Universal is to honor the great Director and to encourage young viewers to experience the world of Hitchcock.

Also in this ambitious project will take place important and talented film professionals (directors, actors, etc.) that have not yet determined that the result come out as good as possible. Sounds very interesting all this. We will return when we announced more.


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