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Happy Camp: Poster, trailer and release date

Happy Camp: Poster, trailer and release date

by horrormovies.gr06/03/2014

With executive producer Drew Barrymore and Director Actor Josh Anthony, released on March 25 in VOD (Video On Demand) horror film ' Happy Camp '. This film takes us to the small and quaint town of Happy Camp in which disappearances of persons have taken large dimensions. A husband and wife who stays in the city adopts little Michael and recommends to his son Dean. But on 22 October 1989 the Dean mysteriously kidnapped and although Michael was the only witness of the incident doesn't seem to have any memories of that day.

20 years after the city reverts to Michael aiming to investigate the disappearance of his brother after the insistence of his girlfriend and alongside recording his research with the help of a workshop. The results of this research may bring to light shocking secrets about the town of Happy Camp …

Scenario designed by the Director himself with the help of Michael Barbuto and Anne Taylor. In their encounter cast above screenwriters as well as one of the producers of the film, the Teddy Gilmore. It is noteworthy that the actors keep their real names within the film. As you can see on our website, the trailer and the poster is already available. As shown, the Happy Camp is filmed with found footage technique and with a first glance shows interest …

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