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The Friday the 13th returns in new video game

The Friday the 13th returns in new video game

by horrormovies.gr17/10/2015

After a period of absence of more than 25 years, the classic horror figure of Jason Voorhees returns to the arena of video games. These days announced by the Gun companies and the Media Friday the 13th IllFonic: The Game which will be completed in cooperation with Crystal Lake Entertainment.

This is a multiplayer game survival horror formula in which a player will handle the Jason and the other seven candidates for the camp victims who will try to survive. Players also will be able to wear the same mask of Jason at some stage of the game.

The release of Friday the 13th: The Game is scheduled for the Fall of 2016 for One Xbox platforms, PlayStation 4 but also for PC. In addition, there is also a webpage of kickstarter where can anyone interested in supporting the creation of the game.

For the game was placed and the creator of legendary Firday the 13th Sean S. Cunningham saying the following:

It's been almost 30 years since the franchise's fans had the opportunity to enjoy the Friday the 13th in video game. The technology has now reached a level that allows franchise fans to experience the experience they deserve. Always dreamed to allow players to become Jason and hunt team leaders in a virtual Crystal Lake. I am thrilled that we are able to implement this fantasy! Sean S. Cunningham

And as an appetizer the promoters of the game posted an introductory trailer which puts us well on the climate of the game. Tsekarete the following.


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