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The killing of pagwtatzis Ice Cream Man prepares to return

The killing of pagwtatzis Ice Cream Man prepares to return

by horrormovies.gr18/10/2014

ice cream manI wonder how many will remember that cult b movie from the mid 90s of which Ice Cream Man ' titloforeito ' …

At that low budget film of 1995, the delectable Clint Howard (Night Shift, The Wraith) impersonated a mentally deranged ice-cream man who along with ice cream machine sales from mobile workshop, and kill some people – a consequence of the terrible apwthimenwn of since childhood.

These days we learned that a producer Norman Apstein flogging and Howard's own plans to bring into action the awesome ice-cream man through a sequel called "Ice Cream Man 2: Sundae Bloody Sundae." The sequel will eliminate the slightly childish character of the original film and would be more "brutal", with the ice-cream man wants revenge on the children of the first film now have grown up.

This ambitious project will be funded through Kickstarter platform, so anyone wishing to revisit the Clint Howard in the role of lethal ice-cream man can deposit their money in helping authors.



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