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First video from the horror film The Gallows

First video from the horror film The Gallows

by horrormovies.gr21/06/2015

After the psarwtiko trailer that we had seen in earlier news, we have the opportunity to enjoy two more videos from the upcoming horror film "The Gallows" (Gallows) that will be released in cinemas in Greece on 23 July 2015.

One shows us the terrifying introduction to the fatal accident in the theatrical performance of the school while the other is a short tv spot that has the interest of revealing a few terrifying scenes from the movie. See the two videos below and tell us your opinion.

We remind that the "The Gallows" is filmed with the found footage technique and has skinothetithei from the Travis and Chris Cluff Lofing.

You can also see the official teaser trailer of "The Gallows" in older news here:


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