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Rumors of a new remake of The Omen

Rumors of a new remake of The Omen

by horrormovies.gr01/07/2014

According to exclusive information from the Bloody Disgusting, the Twentieth Century Fox is planning a new remake of the classic horror film "The Omen" (the Prophecy), 1976. For this project the first information saying that collaborates with production company Platinum Dunes.

We remind that the classic movie "The Omen" remake first acquired in 2006 under the direction of curator John Moore. The performance in the box office was good, garnering $ 120 million worldwide with a budget of 25 million dollars.

Does this mean that the market can bear another remake? We will see if and when the project is implemented. We suspect that most horror fans who read this news will probably have been frustrated as such a short remake of an already controversial remake (re-remake?!) sounds far-fetched and meaningless …


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