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Feed The Gods: Trailer & Posters

Feed The Gods: Trailer & Posters

by horrormovies.gr27/11/2014

A new horror film from Canada recently released both at home and online. Bring the imposing title "Feed The Gods" and focuses on two brothers who go to a remote mountain town to find their lost parents. But the city is hiding something dangerous for all visitors.

The Director and the script is of Bradon Craft which has given us and the horror film "Hemorrhage" (the Greek title is "Bleeding"). Starring Shawn Roberts, Emily Tennant, Erica Carroll, Britt Irvin, Tyler Johnston and Aleks Paunovic. Filming took place in Vancouver in Canada.

View from our site available as posters and the official trailer for the "Feed The Gods" while getting a first glimpse.

feed the gods poster

feed the gods poster 2

feed the gods poster 3



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