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Feed The Devil: trailer & posters

Feed The Devil: trailer & posters

by horrormovies.gr13/04/2014

"Feed The Devil" will be called the new job of Director, writer and producer Max Perrier who is expected to be released as all show this year. This is for agglokanadeziki horror film revolving around local indigenous legends and malevolent forces resulting from them, which attack a group of young adventurers in wooded countryside.

Starring Jared Cohn, Tyson Houseman, Ardis, Victoria Barrow Curtain and Brandon Perrault. The ' Feed ' The Devil is making Happy Hour Films and Pictures Peter Proffit. There is still no official release date and participants can enjoy the official trailer of the movie as well as the impressive posters designed to promote it.

feed the devil poster 2 feed the devil poster 1
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