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Horror movies that will be released in February

Horror movies that will be released in February

Good month again and the February comes richer in releases. Two or three of them are promising but this will be seen along the way. Let's go well to see them.

  1. Girlhouse – 13 February

A young and beautiful student trying to collect money for her studies she decides to move to a House from which broadcast live via Internet pornography. At the beginning everything is going well, the symbiosis with the other girls is normal. But a paranoid fan identifies the location of the House and the girl's life goes into great danger.

  1. What We Do in Shadows – 13 February

It is a horror comedy. We follow the lives of three sygkatoikwn who try to survive and overcome the difficulties of life, one of which is the fact that they are vampires and must feed on human blood.

  1. Digging Up The Marrow – 20 February

Shooting a documentary getting strange twist when producers coming in contact with a man who claims that he can prove that the monsters that the documentary is indeed alive.

  1. The Vatican Tapes – 27 February

Refers to a video which has leaked from the Vatican and shows an exorcism that had bizarre outcome.

  1. The Lazarus Effect – 27 February

A group of medical students discover a way to bring back the dead patients in life.

  1. Out Of The Dark – February 27

A couple with his daughter move into Colombia to take on the family plantation but find that their new House is haunted.

These were the movies for this month. Hopefully that will reward awaiting us with enough angst and originality.



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