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"Stories of the supernatural" by Edgar Allan Poe on opening nights (03/10/15)

"Stories of the supernatural" by Edgar Allan Poe on opening nights (03/10/15)

by horrormovies.gr30/09/2015

Tales of the supernatural/Extraordinary Tales

Five horror animation and horror that everyone adapts to your individual style and unique … chills works of Edgar Allan Poe. Link between the stories, a meeting of the author himself-in the form of a Raven-death. Narrator of the first story, "the Fall of the House of Asher", is the inimitable Christopher Lee, here in his last cinematic work.

The black "Martyriara heart", based on a story by Poe's version of Noir, enlists vocals a rare recording of the legendary Bela Lugosi.

The voice of Julianne Sands clothe the macabre "the facts in the case of Lord Balntemar", with the hero a doctor who discovers the entrance to the gateway between life and death. The "Pendulum of agony" is a metaphysical thriller with the years of the Inquisition, in narrative Guillermo del Toro. The anthology closes Roger Corman, the master of filmikwn compositions of Poe, with the "mask of the Red death", revealing the desperate struggle of the guests a great dance to defeat death. .

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Cinema Cinema, 46 University (University metro stop)
Saturday, 03/10/15 at 22:30, Tel: 2103826720,

Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia, Stephan Roelants, Cédric Gervais
Sergio De La Puente
Sir Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi
Julian Sands, Guillermo Del Toro
Roger Corman, Stephen Hugues

Luxembourg, UNITED STATES, Spain, Belgium/Luxembourg, USA, Spain, Belgium
Color and B & W/Color & B&W
73 '


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