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Preparing the Grave I Spit On Your 3

Preparing the Grave I Spit On Your 3

by horrormovies.gr26/04/2014

Joy Gospel for friends of sleaze and sexploitation! According to Bloody-Disgusting the infamous film series ' I Spit On Your Grave "will be enriched with one more movie. Remember that the original film was released in 1978 and released the official 2010 remake by CineTel Films. Last year made its appearance in the second part of the remake, causing negative reactions to particular audiences and critics.

The new film – which apparently has already closed position in Cannes – it seems that will sharply differentiated in the case than its predecessors. Specifically focuses on a serial killer who targets rapists through a telephone helpline. Police suspect one of the counselors, motivated by the dark past of this lady. But is this the real killer consultant?

We will find out when released I Spit On Your Grave 3. There are no details yet on the release date nor for actors with the company seeking screenwriter and Director during this period. Logically in the coming months we will have later to tell you.

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