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The Remake is being prepared for the Toxic Avenger

The Remake is being prepared for the Toxic Avenger

by horrormovies.gr16/09/2016

News of remakes of old classics or cult horror movies never stop. Although as of 2010 there were some ungenerous about the advent of this remake, these days information is finalised. Another remake would create well, this time for the cult horror comedy The Toxic Avenger (1984) which is one of the few horror movies with super hero.

The remake has been hired to direct the Co-Director of the upcoming comedy "Sausage Party" Conrad Vernon. Scenario the Mike Arnold (Archer) and Chris Poole while the co-creator of The original Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman will have tasks of executive producer. Storyscape Entertainment companies of Bob Cooper and Richard Saperstein and Weed Road of Akiva Goldsman have taken over the production.

According to the story of story in the new film will be more mainstream and "realistic" over the original film. We remind that The Toxic Avenger tells the story of a janitor who fell in toxic waste and morphed into band humanoid that punishes all criminals and shysters city people.


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