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New company horror films with the participation of frontman of KISS

New company horror films with the participation of frontman of KISS

by horrormovies.gr29/03/2015

To a different and somewhat unexpected news in relation to those who learned last. The frontman of legendary hard rock band KISS Gene Simmons is going to cooperate with the WWE Studios with the aim of setting up a new company that will focus on producing horror films.

The new company will be called Erebus Pictures and the first film to be created under the auspices of will be the "The Temple", while in the original shot is the financing and production of other two horror films, one of which will start shooting this year.

As for the case of ' The Temple ' follows a group of well-trained undercover agents trapped in an isolated military installation after the damage of all electronic systems. The agents witnessing strange and terrifying phenomena as they try to identify who or what killed the previous group of agents who had been placed in the facility.

The script of "The Temple" was written by the rookie in the field of horror Matt Savelloni while there is still no information for the Director and the cast. Shooting will begin, however, the summer comes.

About the new venture the Gene Simmons made the following statement:

The scene of terror continues to me as it proves to be continually exciting and addictive for the audience. I'm very excited to be working with the makers of WWE Studios to create the Erebus Pictures Gene Simmons

It is an effort which we await with interest as the WWE Studios is not unconnected with the production horror films. Horror movies as both See No Evil and Oculus have emerged through this company.


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