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Cloudland comes from the creator of Final Destination

Cloudland comes from the creator of Final Destination

by horrormovies.gr18/05/2014

The creator and writer of "Final Destination" Jeffrey Reddick and Filmmaker Alex Burns prepare this period a new horror film expected to be released within the year we all look like. Entitled "Cloudland" and revolves around a journalist who investigates the mysterious death of the younger sister of a little after the prophecy of a sect.

The Reddick contributes as executive producer of the film leaving the screenplay to Martin and Aguilera Bram and Burns him in directing. Interesting is also the cast of "Cloudland" which starring Drew Fuller (Charmed), Katie Parker (Absentia), Mischa Barton (The Sixth Sense) and Shankar Adi (The Voices).

Also recently released and the poster of the film (perhaps to remind the little Children of the Corn) and cite.

Cloudland poster
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