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"It's in the rules": psychological thriller from the theatre group Nebula

"It's in the rules": psychological thriller from the theatre group Nebula

In the context of the 7th Festival Off Off, at Theatre EPI Kolono Nebula Group presents a psychological thriller, with the name "Are the rules." The duration of the show is 45 minutes, in which the Director and actor Alexander Mayrogiannis hopes to cripple us in a journey of mystery and fear. The case is Curt and promising: seeing a woman tied and muzzled, while the trio of actors fill out a man with a boy outfit and another woman in uniform student.

Saturday 6 June at 20:45 and on Sunday June 7th at 22:00, theatre Nebula Group promises to give the best of himself, in order to present this psychological thriller with the attention it deserves. The ticket is € 5, while below you can enjoy the "appetizer" trailer "Is in the rules". A remarkable effort in a theatrical kind not particularly common – almost unprecedented in Greece. Our hypothesis has intrigue and the trailer even more. The theatre is situated in Colonus, Nafplion 12 & Lenorman 94.

We wish good luck to the Nebula group!

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Text/Direction: Alexander Mayrogiannis
Distribution/Cast (in alphabetical order): Natalia Municipality, Alexander Mayrogiannis, Niki Mavroidis
Assistant Director/Production Manager: Maria Mpazima
Direction/Art Direction trailer: Alexander Mayrogiannis
Sets/Costumes: Nikolas Marmaras
Photos/Video: Lipe Oltjon
Music Composition: Christos Theodorou
Lighting/Sound: Panos Koykoyroyblis

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