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Action and Terror meet at The Horde

Action and Terror meet at The Horde

by horrormovies.gr24/04/2016

From the Director of thriller "Jailbait" (2014), Jared Cohn comes this horror action film that is reminiscent of "Wrong Turn" and "The Hills Have Eyes" as a point …

Called "The Horde" and revolves around a group of students during their trip to the countryside under a photo of victims of mutants and deformed manic thirsting for blood.

But one of the gang that cannot be captured by the maniacs plans to exact revenge and to rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of mutants. His skills at throwing wood as a former member of the Navy is a favorable factor in his quest …

Starring Paul Logan (Mega Piranha), Costas Mandylor (Saw IV), Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects), Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior) and Matthew Willig (Concussion). The script is of the actor Paul Logan.

The official trailer is available and you can view it below. "The Horde" will be released in the country of the USA on 6 may in Video On Demand initially.

the horde


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