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Found a Director for the remake of The Craft

Found a Director for the remake of The Craft

by horrormovies.gr16/05/2015

Though he had gotten the ear of the rumors of a remake (and) of ' The Craft ', rather we did not expect that we would have major developments so soon. Eventually Sony Pictures press throttle and announced the man who will sit in the Director's chair but will simultaneously edited and scenario.

leigh janiakThis is the new in the field of terror that Leigh had given Janiak our last year's remarkable film horror ' Honeymoon '. The Janiak would assist in the writing of the screenplay that Phil had Graziadei contributed and co-wrote the script of the Honeymoon. The production will take on Doug Wick (producer and first The Craft) along with Lucy Fisher.

Remember that The original Craft was a youthful horror film of 1996 with leading the Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True. The four girls were the marginal schoolgirls Lyceum dealing with magic and use various spells to harm those who exagriwnoyn even minimally or to attract boys that crave.

"The Craft" was a film that met with a lukewarm reception from critics of the time and for many it is indicative of the overall quality fall in 90s in the space (if we accept that there is such). Wonder if this remake coming and this too soon (like e.g. and corresponding to the Cube) will provide something meaningful to the horror scene.

However the earliest writing samples of Leigh Janiak from Honeymoon is promising. The near future will reveal more.

You can read our review for the Honeymoon at the following link:



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