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Poster available of The Drownsman

Poster available of The Drownsman

by horrormovies.gr16/04/2014

With the phrase "how long you can hold your breath" to appear at the well-designed poster's, Canadian horror film ' The Drownsman ' makes impressive entrance until the upcoming release.

The case concerns a young girl, Madison, which came close to drown in a lake. Because of the Hydrophobia develops Madison event, in other words possessed by intense fear of water. Also can't remember what happened during the difficult moments that stood in the Lake. And as if this were not enough, still suffers from a terrifying figure sightings. After a year of torment, Madison's friends trying to help but the interference has resulted in the opening of a "portal" that releases the dark entity. No one is safe, nor Madison, as all risk being trapped in a nightmarish place where there is no turning back!

The Director and the script is Chad's Archibald (Neverlost, Kill) while the cast consisted of Michelle Mylett, Caroline Korycki, Sydney Kondruss, Ry Barrett and Gemma Bird Matheson. There is still no information about the release date so just communicated something, notify.

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