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Dead Of The Nite: & trailer release date

Dead Of The Nite: & trailer release date

by horrormovies.gr04/12/2013

On 7 January 2014 comes in DVD and VOD "Nite Of The Dead" with our favourite ' Candyman ' Tonny Todd in the title role. The film focuses on a group of ghost hunters investigation into an alleged haunted mansion. Soon the team members begin to be murdered one by one and the survivors must discover what or who kills them before it's too late for everyone. In case tangle and two detectives who study the video footage of ghost hunters.

The film is directed by S.J. Evans who works primarily in short films and here he has edited and scenario. Along with Todd, who masquerades as the maintainer of the mansion, also starring and Joseph Millson, Simon Bamford and Cicely Tennant. "Dead Of The Nite" has already screened at film festivals in Britain and Australia, winning positive reviews in General. Also combines both the found footage technique and traditional method of filmmaking.


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