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Concept Trailer for the Final Destination 6

Concept Trailer for the Final Destination 6

by horrormovies.gr13/10/2013

Although the information about the upcoming 6o part of franchise "Final Destination" (known in Greece as the "final destination") is somewhat vague and ungenerous, a new video that recently appeared on the Internet, maybe bring some smiles to his friends franchise.

The Craig Perry, one of the producers of the franchise, he presented the concept on which it wishes to move the new film through a Concept Trailer that was created with the help of editor Alexander McNeill and posted to the channel. The McNeill joined excerpts from 20 different movies on video in order to promote the new idea.

As evidenced by the Concept Trailer, "Final Destination 6: The Dark Age" will convey the idea of 5 previous films franchise in middle age, somewhere in the 12th century, in an era of superstition, fear and darkness. At first reading the idea looks interesting as differentiates the action environment, giving an air of freshness to the franchise.

If all goes well, the 6th part of the franchise may be released even in 2014.


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