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Christmas teaser for the Phantasm: Ravager

Christmas teaser for the Phantasm: Ravager

by horrormovies.gr26/12/2014

In March last year we learned the first news about the new film Phantasm franchise which spread the first smiles of friends films of that series. Although he spent time since no major developments, the creators of the new movie Don Coscarelli and David Hartman decided to make a Christmas gift to his friends Phantasm by posting a short video where they show scenes from the upcoming film. We remind that the "Phantasm: Ravager" like I said the new film is the fifth entry in the series.

See well below the new teaser to get a first glimpse of what is happening in "Phantasm: Ravager". Some scenes are particularly impressive and intensify our impatience. The film will be released in 2015 at an undisclosed date yet. The cast is made up of Reggie Bannister, A., Michael Lester Kathy Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Daniel Schweiger while the role of diabolikoy The Tall Man we embody our favorite again Angus Scrimm.


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