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The Christina Richie will star in the dramatic thriller

The Christina Richie will star in the dramatic thriller

by horrormovies.gr28/11/2013

Lovely Christina Richie that we enjoy among others in "Sleepy Hollow" (1999), ' Cursed ' (2006) and "Monster" (2003) will star in a new thriller/drama titled "Lizzie Borden Took An Ax" is expected to premiere in the U.S. Lifetime Television Network on January 25, 2014.

The film deals with the notorious Lizzie Borden young affair, which was charged with the murders of her father and stepmother in 1892, the city of Fall River, Massachusetts. This is one of the most famous and mysterious cases in early judicial us history as Lizzie eventually was acquitted but was never found the real culprit who committed the most heinous crimes … using a Cleaver.

The Richie will play the tragic character of Lizzie and than it seems from the poster of the film, go Mitt! In the cast we meet also the Billy Campbell and Clea DuVall. The first one I played Lizzie's lawyer and the second her sister. In Director Nick Gomez is located, extremely active in television productions. The movie is filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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