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Later on the cast of Leatherface

Later on the cast of Leatherface

by horrormovies.gr12/03/2015

Mobility seems to exist around the prequel of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" (1974) known as Leatherface. In the new project of filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo/Maury Julien (Inside) and screenwriter M Sheth. Sherwood, added a few new names of actors. What is Sam's Strike (EastEnders) in the role of a young Leatherface and experienced in horror scene Angela Bettis (May, The Woman, Toolbox Murders) in the role of the mother of the family kanibalwn Sawyers.

angela bettis

Also, according to exclusive electronic publication The newspaper Wrap, the young actor James Bloor (Total The Princess) is in final negotiations to be incorporated into the cast of the prequel. It is said that he will pose as a paranoid young that he could keep the deadly Leatherface's saw.

james bloor leatherface

We remind that the Leatherface will tells the teenage years of our beloved assassin with the saw. Currently there are no other information about the case or the release date, so stay on hold …


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