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Carnivore (Sarkoboros) – Greek Terror for strong stomachs!

Carnivore (Sarkoboros) – Greek Terror for strong stomachs!

by horrormovies.gr17/10/2016

Can the Greek cinema horror has not met until today the bloom and the recognition that we would all of us fans of horror, however, more and some notable Greek productions appear sporadically attracting our interest.

The "Carnivore" or "Sarkoboros" as is the Greek title, is a Greek horror film shorts of 2014 you definitely cannot go unnoticed. Directed by Greek filmmaker Dimitris Vavatsi the Carnivore tells the blood-stained history of revenge of Menelaos who at an early age he saw his parents brutally murdered inside their home. After 15 years Menelaus approaches the offender's family and implements a bloody and sadistic revenge plan.

The "Sarkoboros" belongs to the category of extreme horror, splatter, gore details including, torture, exploitation, home invasion, revenge, etc. . In nearly 28 minutes of duration of the viewer will monitor possible extended scenes of violence and paranoia. Blood baths alternating with paranoid monologues. Incredible hardness torture test our endurance. The atmosphere every area morbidity overwhelms.

Are you fond of extreme horror cinema? Enjoy the provocative horror films that show them all straight without scruples? You have the curiosity to see how it can be a Greek extreme terror production from those very rarely found in the Greek scene? If so, do not waste time and speyste to see the Carnivore. The good news is that the film now circulates freely on the internet and you can watch it at the following link:

Also worth mentioning that the Carnivore has already experienced considerable discrimination gave her and the world outside the Greek borders with interests in 20 major domestic and foreign Festival having even won five awards. We hope that even greater successes in the future!


H poster of Carnivore

Cast: Tasos Mparniadakis, Christos Ezirogloy, Dimitra Siachoy, Ioanna Lamni, Pericles Stavrou, Kostas Vourliotis.
Friendly Appearance: James Miller
Production: Dimitris Vavatsis, Angeliki Aggelidoy, Ioanna Petinaraki
Director: Dimitris Vavatsis
Screenplay: Mars Program
Director Of Photography/Color Grading: Vassili Christodoulou
Scenography: Ellie Nalpanti
Costume Design: Natalie-Nefeli Adamopoulou
Sound Design/Foley Artist: Natalia Chatzipetrou, Simos Lazaridis
Music: Marios B. Apostolakoylis
Editing: Mars Program
Organization Performance and production management: Aggeliki Angelidou, Ioanna Petinaraki
Special Effects: Paris Grigorakis/Kostas Coconut
Make Up and Special Effects Supervisor: Melina Glantzi
Make Up and Special Effects: Royal Yolanda Kita Ntylak
Screenwriter: Natalia Lambropoulou
Couplings: Royal Koytsioympa
Hair Styling: Theano Zisiadi
Make Up and Special Effects Assistant: Lina Arvaniti
Photography Assistant: Theodora E.
Assistants Scenography: Fani Xenoydaki, Natalia Lambropoulou
Assistant Director: Kostas Chaliasas
Camera B: Dimitris Moygkos
Title Design Principle: Smaro Sachpazidou
Poster: Baba Artworks


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