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Candiland: new thriller from Canada

Candiland: new thriller from Canada

by horrormovies.gr11/04/2014

candilandA new animated film in thriller trails going to release next year titled "Candiland". This is for Canadian production to be shot in Vancouver under the direction of curator "Rusty" new Nixon who has undertaken and scenario.

"Candiland" focuses on Tess, a grieving woman because of the recent separation from her husband. An evening xesalwnei in a bar, he meets Tess a mysterious rich guy with an increased perceptiveness called Peter, whom he falls in love. In the coming days after the pair spends at the home of Peter but when Tess realizes she must leave and come back to life, Peter proposes to stay housebound for build their own "reality", away from the pain and limitations of society. Somewhere in there the relationship of two people disturbed and beloved pair develop into dangerous enemies.

The film is based on the novel "Candyland" of Elizabeth Engstrom. About the cast have confirmed the names of James Clayton, Gary Busey and Chelah Hordal. He has also made public the first official poster that reveals a strange erotic picture. Those who find the above interesting should wait much longer, until 2015. Hopefully at least the wait worthwhile.

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