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New Metaphysical Thriller by Canada

New Metaphysical Thriller by Canada

by horrormovies.gr04/11/2015

gitaskog posterA new horror film with a variety of supernatural overtones going to appear towards the end of the year by country of origin the always interesting Canada. Called Gitaskog and revolves around five young people go for recreation in a part of the province that is considered sacred by the local Indians while proeidopoiithikan to stay away from it.

There the young will face a series of unexpected and ghostly threats as seductive visions, hostile locals, a scary aquatic creature and other weird events. The youth weekend turns into a real nightmare!

The Gitaskog uses found footage filmmaking method known and is directed by rookie Drazen Baric. The screenplay was written by Damien Slevin. Starring Elena Semikina, Vanessa Tavares, Jonathan Matthews, Mike Kekich, Greg Carraro and Ivan Simanic.

If you want to get a first glimpse of the movie then check the trailer has just been released and we present in this article.


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