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An old "cult" Amiga game made horror film

An old "cult" Amiga game made horror film

by horrormovies.gr08/06/2015

came desert posterThis news will please both nostalgic gamers and fans of horror films with giant insects or monsters in General. The action-adventure game of 1989 "It Came From The Desert", which was originally constructed for Amiga, to be transferred to the world of cinema in the 2016.

What made this Cinemaware game stand out was the giant ants who fought the player. The case was the geologist Dr. Greg Bradley who during his research at a u.s. desert for a meteor that fell there, he discovers that the radiation from the meteorite has turned the local Ant population in giant ants. Fearing that the ants will breed dangerous and will terrorize humanity, tries to cope alone after no one takes him seriously.

The Director of the movie has taken the rookie in Marko Mäkilaakso feature films while the script will write himself along with Hank Woon Jr. So far he has not announced any name actor however. Also, according to the information available, the filmic versions of "It Came From The Desert" will not only horror but will have enough comic and action figures.

Finally be noted that the game "It Came From The Desert" created by the influence of cult movies with monsters of the 1950s and, more specifically, from the classic "Them!" of 1954. Although the release of latecomers still have already posted two videos about the film. One is an impressive teaser trailer with motorcyclists and the other a longer lasting concept video that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Enjoy them both below.

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