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Deadly insects against girls in bikinis in the trailer of Bugs

Deadly insects against girls in bikinis in the trailer of Bugs

by horrormovies.gr26/11/2015

From the producer, screenwriter and actor but in sci-fi/horror "Evidence" (2012) Ryan McCoy comes this natural horror film to be released towards the end of the following year (production will start basically from January 2016).

The movie is called simply "Bugs" and as you can see from the title of horror attractions will be a swarm of deadly insects. The interest of the case (especially for the male audience!) is that the film will focus on the efforts of a group of girls to survive the attack of the swarm in Los Angeles closed in the toilet of a beach.

It is also pleasant that was published very early in a revealing trailer teaser that gives a pretty informative picture of the film's style and this is by no means "light". In the teaser we are witnessing a truly crazed and tragic situation.

Tsekarete the trailer below and unpack your conclusions. We will return to later information about this effort of Ryan McCoy (hopefully in the near future).


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