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The Boy: New horror movie with deadly doll

The Boy: New horror movie with deadly doll

by horrormovies.gr16/10/2015

boyIf you are a friend of horror films with bloody dolls then this news will probably interest you. In January of next year we are going to release a new horror movie entitled "The Boy" (also known as The "Inhabitant") belonging to the category of lethal/terrifying dolls. The film is contrived by the active during the last decade, William Brent Bell who has given us horror film like "Stay Alive" (2006), "The Devil Inside" (1968) and "Wer" (2013).

"The Boy" followed by an American who is hired as a governess at remote House of a family in rural England. The strange thing is that the couple have a son as a male doll that substitute for the dead for 20 years their son through a unique grid of bizarre and strict rules. The American is going to experience the ultimate terror when after the breach of rules was bullied by a chilling series of events that will cause it to believe that the boy's size doll that keep parents at home is … live!

The film starring the actress from "The Walking Dead" Lauren Cohan together with Rupert Evans, Ben Robson, Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle and James Russell. The screenplay is by rookie Stacey Menear.

Recently posted the official trailer of "The Boy" which you present. It seems very scary and very interesting. The Tsekarete and write us your opinion.

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