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Bloody Slumber Party: a new slasher in the making

Bloody Slumber Party: a new slasher in the making

by horrormovies.gr11/01/2014

The slasher is one of the few idioms in the scene of horror that compete vigorously the broad spread of metaphysical horror films in modern times. So recently, it became known a new project by the U.S. moves in particularly dear to many friends of horror slasher tradition. The new film that prepares headed Slumber Party Bloody and will be released in 2014, without a specific date is known yet.

The case follows the Kelly, a young girl who recently broke up her relationship with the oppressive boyfriend. Kelly's company organizes an overnight party in order to cheer and to which the guests recount horror stories. But the party is going to be painted with blood as a serial killer will visit with wild moods …

Directed by the highly productive in short films while Larry Rosen himself has edited the script along with Brian K. Millard. Starring Lloyd Kaufman, Melantha Blackthorne, Suzi Lorraine, Barrett Perlman, Samantha Hahn, Gloria Chung Seregon O'Dassey, Lisa, Pincus, Jean-Francois Poirier, Brian O'Halloran and Joe D'Onofri. The Director also participates in leading cast.

The more observant will have noticed perhaps the similarity of title with the small cult slasher "The Slumber Party Massacre" of 1982. Anxiously expecting what he has to say and the Bloody Slumber Party …

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