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Bigfoot vs. zombies: a mad and inconclusive showdown!

Bigfoot vs. zombies: a mad and inconclusive showdown!

by horrormovies.gr29/11/2015

bigfoot vs zombiesZombies vs. bandits we have seen. Kanibalwn vs zombies we've seen. Zombie vs shark have also seen! That we would see our favorite bloodthirsty creatures nekrozwntana to fight against the Megalopodaroy of American folklore was something not easily imagined they would see.

E, so yes. In a new low budget film made by ordinary friends of horror that will be released in late February 2016, and this idea will take shape. This is the "Bigfoot Vs Zombies ' classic we are dealing with a scientist that is leaking a toxic substance in the local population a provincial town turning residents into hungry zombies! And only one creature can stop. The mythical Bigfoot or else the ' Bigfoot ' as we know it in English.

Here's the trailer that was released recently (which smells like low-budgetila from km) and have fun with your soul. Obviously the film is recommended to friends of b-movies although the chabales are accepted by the wider audience horror. Be seen …


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