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BELL publications invite you to get acquainted with the new book by Clive Barker

BELL publications invite you to get acquainted with the new book by Clive Barker

by horrormovies.gr03/06/2015

Welcome BELL versions in new book

Clive Barker's "the Gospels of hell»

at the Café in the garden of the monetary Museum!

EXCLUSIVE Presale & GIFT Collectible Poster

euaggelia kolaseos

BELL publications invite you Wednesday, June 10, at 8 p.m., at the Café in the garden of the monetary Museum, University 12, on presentation of the much-anticipated new book by Clive Barker the Gospels of hell.

For the inexhaustible imagination of Lord of supernatural horror and gifted writer, painter and filmmaker Clive Barker, as well as for the new book starring famous from the Hellraiser series of films, Pinchent daemon will speak:

O k. Ben Babouris, writer and translator, and Ms. Iker Katsaros, Director of the publishing division of BELL Publications.

Excerpts from the Gospels of hell will read the actor Manos Petousis.

The event will take place exclusive presale gift book with a unique collector's poster project-Clive Barker's surprise, given by him exclusively for friends who will buy the book that day.

A few words about the hypothesis of the book

These magicians of the Earth live in fear. The demon Pinchent, priest of the order of Koinobitwn in hell, finds them and kills them, after having received the knowledge and secrets. His goal is to gain more powers can, to become Lord of hell.

The private detective Harry d'amour Nf fulfills the last wishes of the deceased, who communicate with the collaborator, the blind fortune-teller Norma Payne. As it investigates one of the cases, Harry unwittingly opens a portal between Earth and Hell, and the most fierce battle between good and evil that this world has ever known begins. The Pinchent needs an eyewitness who will record the story as gospel. And Harry realizes that to save the Norm – and his soul – you need to go through hell. Literally …

After many years of waiting, Clive Barker presents the famous from the movie – Chelreizer and emblematic character of pop culture of terror – Pinchent, in an exquisite, epic, complex novel full of fantasy, blood and unspeakable anatrichiastikoys nightmares.


"I saw the future of horror works and has the name of Clive Barker. It's so good, you literally m ' leaves me speechless. " – Stephen King

"A strong and exciting writer with a brilliant fantasy … a great storyteller. " – JG Ballard

"Being called the" horror writer Barker "would like to called the Beatles" band playing in a garage "… This is the great visionary of our times. Knows not just the greatest fears, but also one that pleases us, what lights up, and the one who is really sacred in the world. Obsessive, weird, wonderful ". – Quentin Tarantino

The book is on newsstands and bookstores on 12 June 2015

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