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Badoet: a fiendish clowns from Indonesia provokes shivers

Badoet: a fiendish clowns from Indonesia provokes shivers

by horrormovies.gr25/08/2015

badoetThose who have clown phobia then better not look for this movie to be released in the autumn. This is the "Badoet" a horror film that comes from Indonesia, a country that in recent years paid earnest effort in the field of horror cinema with some really remarkable productions (Macabre Belenggu, etc.).

The film's central figure is a terrifying entity in the form of a clown spreads terror and death. The data are as follows: after the murder of three children in a group of students conducts research for the tragic incident. Unfortunately for students in their research leads to evil clown who does not hesitate to take lives in order to achieve the ultimate purpose of – the conquest of immortality!

If you want to get a taste of the film then check out the first teaser trailer that we present in this news. May not contain any hint of dialogue, but the gruesome of images in combination with psarwtika, otherworldly musical themes to create a climate of terror.

The Director of "Badoet" signed by Awi Suryadi while scenario designed by Topan Daniel who is also Executive producer on the film actor as well. Other participants are the Christoffer Nelwan, Aurélie Moeremans, Ratu Felisha, Marcel Chandrawinata, Ronny Paulus Tjandra and Westlake Tiara. The "Badoet" will be released in the country of Indonesia next October but may soon announce dates for other countries. So expect …


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