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The Exorcist-Director's view for The Babadook

The Exorcist-Director's view for The Babadook

by horrormovies.gr03/12/2014

The "Exorcist" is undoubtedly one of the scariest movies of all time and this is largely due to the monumental, directed by William Friedkin. So surely interesting to learn what is the opinion of Friedkin for this year's horror film "The Babadook" from Australia received many positive reviews from the day that aired on the Sundance Film Festival last January until our days.

In a recent posting on his Twitter account, at the great filmmaker wrote about The Babadook:

"I have never seen more terrifying film from The Babadook. Will scare you too much like me. "

And continued pointing The Babadook next to historical horror film:

' Psycho, Alien, The Diabologynaikes and The Babadook now. "

Friedkin also expressed concern about the limited viewing in cinemas by pointing out that only one cinema displays throughout the L.A.! Regardless of whether one agrees with Friedkin's comments, the fact that expressed by an acclaimed filmmaker who has left indelible stamp on the scene of terror constitute a great honor for her film Jennifer Kent. Whether it will be recognized as a classic, will tell the future …

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