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Archibrikolakas died of children of the night

Archibrikolakas died of children of the night

by horrormovies.gr02/01/2015

The great American actor Edward Herrmann that the horror audience will remember him mostly for the role of head of the spiral of vampires in the cult horror film of the 80s "The Lost Boys" (Children of the night), died December 31, 2014 from brain cancer at the age of 71 years.

The Herrmann had participated in many more movies of various categories as secondary roles such as in "The Great Waldo Pepper" (1974), "Nixon" (1995) and "The Aviator" (2004). He had worked professionally in theater and television, starring in the famous sitcom "Gilmore Girls" (2000-2007).

In 1999 he received Emmy Award for his participation in the tv drama "The Practice" (1997-2004). Also worked as a narrator in tv History Channel documentary while lent his voice to several audiobooks. We will miss …


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