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New Horror Anthology with Lynn Lowry Diva horror

New Horror Anthology with Lynn Lowry Diva horror

by horrormovies.gr14/01/2016

With the standard for modular horror film titled "Terror Tales" arrives in the summer of 2016, new work of rookie cinematographer Jimmy Lee Combs where will star and a great actor with a rich career in horror cinema.

In "Terror Tales ' horror fans will have the opportunity to enjoy once more the Lynn Lowry (The Crazies, Shivers, Cat People, The Theatre Bizarre) to play a mother who comes in contact with a demon who reveals the horrible truth behind the suicide of her son. This story is called "Proxy".

Susan McKay terrified

Will follow two other stories. In a a serial killer terrorizes a video club that had terrorized and in the past. In another devilish divinity occupies the souls of several people creating an epidemic of "daimonismwn".

History-trunk will unfolds in the truck of a maniac who tells the stories of a kidnapped man whose family has been jailed by the manic at the rear of the vehicle. The second video of the club history would seem to be the place where you will connect the three stories.

The film will also participate the Block Matt, Josh, Outzen R.G. Wagner, Thomas Karren, Health C. Spencer Heine, Kane and many others. Scripted and directed by Jimmy Lee Combs.

So far there is no integrated video from the "Terror Tales» only few photos of scenes and shooting. Check out the footage below.



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