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Anguish-A promising horror film with daimonismo

Anguish-A promising horror film with daimonismo

by horrormovies.gr18/11/2015

anguishThis is the maiden directorial effort of American Sonny Mallhi who is best known for his work as executive producer on horror movies like The Strangers (Kleidwses?) Shutter, and Possession at the House End of the Street.

To "Anguish"-as is the title of the film focuses on a young girl who realizes that the psychic disorders are due to the fact in a malicious spirit that has overwhelmed. The girl must decide whether to continue the fight or if you completely fallen into it.

Starring Ryan Simpkins, Annika Marks, Karina Logue and Cliff Chamberlain. Scenario designed by Sonny Mallhi himself. For the record to add that the ' Anguish ' was screened last summer in the Canadian Fantasia Film Festival, taking mainly positive reviews.

Let's hope the movement to expand soon to judge and we. Until then we can check out the official trailer released that gives a first insight into the content of this promising horror film.


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