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A wild boar from the Australia promises several liters of blood

A wild boar from the Australia promises several liters of blood

by horrormovies.gr06/11/2015

boar posterFrom the Director of last year's slasher aystralezikoy ' Charlie's Farm ' Chris Sun comes yet another horror film very different direction this time. The new work of Australian Director falls within the natural horror scope and role of the bloodthirsty beast takes a huge boar provincial Australia. And classic main candidate victims of wild boar is a group of young people who visit the site of brutal pig.

The film titled "Boar" referring directly to the boar who is the host of ' bloody ' decor. The Sun Chris has directed the film while the script completed it himself with the help of actress Kristy Dallas. Starring Christie Lee Griffin, Walsh Britten, Nathan Jones, John Jarratt, Roger ward, Melissa Tkautz, Hugh Sheridan, Simone Buchanan, Bill Moseley, Steve Bisley and Ernie Dingo.

Below you can see the first official trailer of "Boar", which has just been released. The most current and sophisticated friends of terror it evokes that cult Australian film-also from Australia–who was known as Razorback ("The Boar of death ' in a Greek VHS version) where an oversized boar dread the terrors. You can read our summary and reference to Razorback in our tribute to the 25 best horror films with killing animals.

As far as the "Boar", is released in the country of Australia is set for July 2016.


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